Analysis of conceptual and technical designs of energy-using devices or installations

We provide these services via Internet from Poland. Therefore price of these services is reasonable low.

If you are planning changes in existing systems/installations, then we can analyze the impact of such changes on energy consumption, as well as find their optimal solutions.

The service is intended for:

  • Companies which develop ideas of improvements related to energy efficiency, where the assessment of the solution variants can bring tangible results in obtaining future energy savings (taking into account the value of investment costs), at the initial stage, before meeting the first investment cost,
  • For companies which are recipients of technical projects, for which it may be useful to evaluate the projects, to improve them at the initial stage,
  • For designers (design offices), where technical project consultations can transfer part of the work related to energy calculations and equipment selection to us, also ensuring increase of the quality of the project for the final customer.

Avoiding unnecessary costs

The improvement of the technical design before investment makes it possible to avoid unnecessary investment costs in a less effective solution which would later be improved.


Purpose of audit of conceptual and technical designs:

  • Assessment of the devices proposed in the project in terms of their energy efficiency,
  • Assessment of the method of regulation and control of devices or installations in terms of energy efficiency,
  • Assessment of the measurement scope in the installation in terms of control of its current energy efficiency (not only energy consumption, but also the measurement of the quantity of the useful effect).